Be Careful! Some Sellers Price Their Durians Based On The Car You Drive!

It’s durian season again, which means there will be LOTS of durians wherever you go!

Though it’s super easy to find durians now since they are literally sold everywhere from the supermarket, fruit stalls, pasar malam, and even tepi jalan.

be careful! some sellers price their durians based on the car you drive!Photo via Malay Mail

However, durian lovers might want to check the prices first as some fruit sellers will reportedly increase the price of the durians based on the type of car you drive!

According to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP), there have been incidents where durian sellers took advantage of the durian season by charging customers based on the cars they drive.

Harian Metro also reported that durian sellers who do not put their price tags on their durians will rely on their customers’ car type to place their prices. So, if you’re driving a luxurious car, the prices of the durians might double ...or even triple!

Pahang’s Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Ahmad Fitri Ali said: “To ensure that greedy vendors do not take advantage of consumers, the KPDNHEP will be on the lookout for all the durian vendors in Kuantan, Jerantut, Bentong, Lipis, Raub and Temerloh.”

“We will also issue a RM1000 summons according to 3(1) Price Control Act 1993 if they fail to produce price tags for their goods,” he added.

So, be careful when you’re buying durians! If the sellers do not display the price of their durians, you can just walk away... (or you can also report them to the authorities!) 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat