Baby Camera Hacked, Taiwanese Family Horrified After Hearing A Man Speaking Through The Speakers

According to Sin Chew Daily, a Taiwanese family received a shack of their lives when they realized that the baby camera that they have been using for over a year, had allegedly been accessed by a hacker without them knowing. 

The story went viral on social media, and the family stated that they had purchased the camera from a popular e-commerce site and had initially intended to use it to keep an eye on their children while they were asleep.  

However, after a year of using the camera without any problems… their mother-in-law suddenly started hearing a man’s voice through the camera’s speaker and called out for her daughter using her name many times.

baby camera hacked, taiwanese family horrified after hearing a man speaking through the speakersPhoto via Sin Chew Daily

Their mother-in-law was sharing the same bedroom with their daughter and had initially thought that the voice belonged to her husband, who slept next door and also had the camera’s application installed on his phone.  

“My mother-in-law walked over to my father-in-law’s room to ask him why he was still up using the camera app as he would usually use it to talk to his granddaughter on the weekdays.

“My mother-in-law thought he was just playing around,” they said. 

But when she entered his room, she found that her husband was sound asleep, yet, the voice of a man could still be heard from the camera’s speaker. How scary! 

Horrified, she rushed back to her room to unplug the power from the camera. 

Since the terrible incident, the family refused to use a camera in their homes and has warned others to be careful if they have the same type of camera in their homes. 

This is so scary! Please be careful, guys!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat