Malaysians! If You Need Help, Reach Out To Astro Radio Through Their Kami Care Helpline!

Astro Radio kicks off the Kami Care Helpline available now for vulnerable Malaysians to send in their requests for help via WhatsApp to all Astro Radio brands!

Malaysians will receive daily necessities such as rice, sugar, salt, flour, biscuits, tea, canned food and instant noodles during these trying times.

malaysians! if you need help, reach out to astro radio through their kami care hotline!Photo via Customer Experience Insight

Kenny Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Astro Radio, said: “We hope the Kami Care Helpline helps more Malaysians access their daily necessities during these difficult times. We are working to increase our support and reach to those in need through our Kami Care campaign and will share more updates soon.”

All Malaysians in need can submit their requests on WhatsApp anytime daily via the Kami Care Helpline numbers below!

English radio brands

  • 016 6249999 – HITZ
  • 016 4985555 - HITZ Sabah
  • 016 532 7777 - HITZ Sarawak
  • 016 4935555 - MIX
  • 016 5108888 - LITE 

Malay radio brands

  • 016 5127777 - ERA
  • 016 2570000 - ERA Sabah
  • 016 3150000 - ERA Sarawak
  • 016 3260000 - SINAR
  • 016 7369999 - GEGAR
  • 016 9175555 - ZAYAN

Chinese & Tamil radio brands

  • 016 5073333 – MY
  • 016 8718888 - MY Sabah
  • 016 5413333 - MY Sarawak
  • 016 7459999 - MELODY
  • 016 9988889 - GOXUAN
  • 016 4913333 - RAAGA

For more information, visit the following websites and social media pages of Astro Radio brands websites: HITZ, MIX, LITE, ERA, SINAR, GEGAR, ZAYAN, MY, MELODY, GOXUAN, and RAAGA.

Listeners can also send in their requests on behalf of others who require assistance.

malaysians! if you need help, reach out to astro radio through their kami care hotline!

All submissions on the Kami Care Helpline should include recipients name, contact number, home address, and short description on why they need this support.

Those eligible will be notified directly and deliveries of these essential kits will be carried out daily.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat