Are You Wearing Your Mask The Right Way?

are you wearing your mask the right way?

It looks like the haze is here to stay for awhile, well at least until the end of the month, so we must do our best to protect ourselves from its unhealthy particles.

HKL respiratory Consultant Dr Noorul Afidza Muhamad told us it's very important to use masks correctly during the haze crisis!

She says the coloured side of the mask should face outwards and the bendable edge at the top should be molded to the shape of your nose.

This means you should ignore a recent viral message about the so-called proper way to wear surgical masks during the haze.
are you wearing your mask the right way?
She told us it's a hoax!

Also, take note that surgical masks can only be worn for about 8 hours, and it's also best to change it regularly to remain effective.

But are surgical masks really effective in blocking out haze?

Dr. Noorul Afidza says not really; they offer some protection against microscopic haze particles but it's not as effective as the N95 respirator.

But if that's all that you have, go for it - some protection is better than no protection at all.

You must also be wondering if those so-called fashion masks would do a good job?

Basically, no. These type of masks, usually made from fabric, are only meant to maintain hygiene in a clean room.

By: Roshini Ravindran