APM Advises M’sians To Avoid Lata Bayu Waterfall and High-Risk Kedah Areas Due To Unpredictable Weather!

Amid the current unpredictable weather patterns and the transitional phase of the monsoon, the public is being urged to exercise caution and avoid certain high-risk areas in Kedah, such as the Lata Bayu waterfall in Asam Jawa, Baling. 

apm advises m’sians to avoid lata bayu waterfall and high-risk kedah areas due to unpredictable weather!Photo via Penang Travel Tips

The warning comes from the Civil Defence Force (APM), which has identified 39 recreational spots in Kedah that are particularly susceptible to water surges, with Lata Bayu being one of them.

Water surges, often referred to as flash floods, are sudden and rapid increases in the water levels of rivers or streams, typically triggered by heavy rainfall, storms, or other weather-related factors. 

These surges can be extremely dangerous due to their swift onset and the potential for rapidly rising water levels, posing significant risks to people and property in affected areas.

In a recent incident on August 31st, a water surge occurred at Lata Bayu after a heavy downpour. This event resulted in the entrapment of two women who were visiting the recreation area. Fortunately, both individuals were successfully rescued. This incident underscores the unpredictability and potential hazards associated with water surges.

Capt Saifuddin Abdullah, the chief of the Kedah APM Disaster Operations Division, emphasized the need for caution when visiting recreational areas like Lata Bayu, especially during the monsoon season…

apm advises m’sians to avoid lata bayu waterfall and high-risk kedah areas due to unpredictable weather!Photo via Harian Metro

Baling, in particular, has been identified as having the highest number of at-risk locations for water surges, with 11 such spots, followed by six in Yan and five in Sik. These areas are prone to debris flows, which can further exacerbate the dangers associated with water surges.

To ensure the safety of the public during this period of uncertain weather, the Kedah APM has mobilized 1,100 personnel who are ready to respond to flash floods and other emergency situations that may arise during the transitional phase of the Northeast Monsoon. 

This proactive approach is vital in minimizing the risks and potential consequences of water surges and flash floods, as swift action can save lives and protect communities in vulnerable areas.