An E-Hailing Service For Women, By Women

an e-hailing service for women, by women

E-hailing rides are one of the most common and widely-used modes of transportation these days. Unfortunately, there have been countless cases of harassment and a barrage of safety issues brought up. Having the same service for women only would provide a great solution to the problem, and that is where Riding Pink comes in. 

an e-hailing service for women, by women

Their concept is simple - this will be a platform only for women riders and women drivers, providing women with affordable and safe transport. They cover most of Klang Valley for now, with a plan for expansion in the works.

Similar in nature to other e-hailing rides out there, the allure of safety promised by this platform makes it an attractive option to consider when booking a ride. Women who would like to make some side income while having a flexible schedule can now drive with more ease and have no need to worry about harassment from male passengers. In the same manner, female passengers can also look forward to a less stressful ride, with the reassurance that they will not be receiving unwanted attention from a male driver.

Nothing is 100% foolproof, but this idea seems like a good start. Would you book a ride with them?

By: Celestine Foo