JPJ Director-General Says All JPJ-Related Services Will Be Available On MyJPJ App By 2025

The Road Transport Department (JPJ), under the leadership of Director-General Datuk Rospiagos Taha, is embarking on an ambitious mission to make all its services available through the MyJPJ app by 2025. 

Launched in February 2023, this app initially gained popularity for facilitating the issuance of Digital Motor Vehicle Licenses and Digital Private Malaysian Driving Licenses, simplifying the lives of road users.

jpj director-general says all jpj-related services will be available on myjpj app by 2025Photo via Malay Mail

Yet, the JPJ has grander plans in store, expanding its digital reach beyond these two core functions. Already, numerous JPJ-related services have found their way onto the app, including features like checking outstanding summons, monitoring demerit points, and even participating in plate number bidding, among others.

As per BERNAMA reports, the JPJ envisions a future where every service it offers seamlessly integrates with MyJPJ. However, the realization of this vision hinges on the performance of the system developed within the application.

Rospiagos pointed out that the department currently finds itself in an interim phase, where a pilot project is underway. This project's primary objective is to facilitate the renewal of Motor Vehicle Licenses and driver's licenses specifically for JPJ staff. This exercise serves as a litmus test, evaluating the stability and functionality of the system built within the MyJPJ application.

jpj director-general says all jpj-related services will be available on myjpj app by 2025Photo via Astro Gempak

Datuk Rospiagos Taha emphasized that these efforts align with the JPJ's overarching objective of fully digitizing its services by 2025. 

He emphasized that the success of this transformation hinges on the effective functioning of the MyJPJ application and that the ongoing pilot project plays a crucial role in determining the timeline for achieving this digital transformation.

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