Bolivian Airline Hires “Interspecies Communicator” To Find Their Passenger’s Missing Cat

Bolivia's state airline has come under fire for hiring a "interspecies communicator" to find a passenger's missing pet cat.

Tito the cat's disappearance has been a matter of state business in Bolivia for about a month, ever since the feline was lost by staff of Bolivia's state-owned airline. Tito's owner, a woman working in Ireland, was taking the cat from Tarija to Santa Cruz to be certified as a therapy animal, but was told that the cat had to go into the cargo hold. 

bolivian airline hires “interspecies communicator” to find their passenger’s missing catPhoto via Oddity Central

When the plane touched down, she was surprised to see Tito's cage empty. The airline staff admitted to losing Tito before takeoff, and the cat's disappearance became the number one news story in Bolivia.

In a press conference, Bolivia's Minister of Consumer Affairs explained how "Tito the kitten" liked tuna, so cans of tuna and water were distributed in areas around the airport where the feline was lost to ensure he didn't go hungry. 

He also stated that firefighters and managers from all airline transportation companies had been asked to work together to find the cat, as reported by Oddity Central. 

Despite the efforts of the Bolivian government and other state-controlled organizations to find Tito, the cat was nowhere to be found, so the Ministry of Justice announced that it had hired an interspecies communicator who claimed to be able to establish a "energy connection" with Tito and learn details about the cat’s whereabouts and well-being.

Interesting… What do you guys think of this?