Airbnb Cooked Up A Scholarship Program

airbnb cooked up a scholarship program
Airbnb started off offering places to stay, then they began to offer unique local experiences too.
Now, they will be giving out 100 cooking scholarships!
As a way of supporting our culinary heroes, Airbnb will be sending 100 home cooks to Slow Food Institute’s University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, the lucky chefs will get the chance to work on and refine the family recipes they have been dishing out.

Who is the best home chef you know? Send in your nomination and the chosen one will receive a week of workshops and tastings surrounded by the beautiful Italian scenery while learning from celebrity chef David Chang of Momofuku fame and his mother, Sherri. The precious family recipes will then be published in the very first Aribnb cookbook and sent to listings all around the globe after the program.

airbnb cooked up a scholarship program

The scholarshop is in line with the unveiling of Cooking on Airbnb Experiences, which is a new category of experiences on offer. This experience showcases the hidden culinary traditions of families all around the world.

With Airbnb’s Food and Drinks experiences, guests everywhere have access to 3,000 recipes from over 75 countries, a treat which are usually kept just for friends and families.
To submit an entry, visit and find out more in this video.
So who will you be nominating?

By: Celestine Foo