Air Selangor Wraps Up 2020 With Year-End Special Water Cut In Parts Of Klang Valley

air selangor wraps up 2020 with year-end special water cut in parts of klang valley

There’s only three days left till 2021, but Air Selangor is maintaining its 2020 momentum with one last unscheduled water cut for the year (hopefully), which will affect parts of the Klang Valley.

In an official statement, it revealed this is due to a burst pipe in Section 15, Shah Alam.

Repair works will be conducted from 1 pm today (December 29th), and is expected to be completed by 9 pm.

Klang Valley residents have been advised to store sufficient water supply for their own use before the water cut commences.

Here’s the full list of affected areas:

You can stay updated through Air Selangor’s social media pages.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob