Air Selangor Sets New Benchmark With Back-To-Back Water Cuts Following Landslide In Damansara

air selangor sets new benchmark with back-to-back water cuts following landslide in damansara

Photo via Twitter

Air Selangor has truly outdone itself in 2020, after having back-to-back water cuts yesterday (December 29th).

After a pipe burst in Section 15, Shah Alam, and just when Klang Valley residents thought they wouldn’t have to deal with more water woes for the year, a landslide in Damansara Utama caused another pipe to burst, forcing another unscheduled water cut on the same day!

In an official statement, Air Selangor said this will affect a total of 43 areas in Petaling and Kuala Lumpur as listed here:

The pipeworks in Shah Alam were completed this morning, but this landslide predicament is only expected to be fully resolved on Friday evening (January 1st, 2021).

“Estimation of the repair works' completion, however, is uncertain, but we will provide updates from time to time,” said Air Selangor corporate communications head Elina Baseri.

You can stay updated through Air Selangor’s social media pages.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob