Agoda Research Reveals The Travel Trend Expectations For The 2020s

Imagine getting to travel without the hassle of standing in line to get your passport checked or to get access to your hotel room keys – we can save so much time!

A single app for all our travel needs, passport free travel, and mobile app check-ins are the top-three ‘new travel norms’ expected by travelers in the next decade.


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A research by Agoda, the world’s fastest growing digital platform, revealed that with the continued advancement of technology, revolutionary travel apps and better connectivity, people expect more from their travel experience.

In the Southeast Asia region, half of all respondents in Indonesia (56%), Singapore (54%), Malaysia (53%), Taiwan (50%), the Philippines (48%) consider this to be the next norm compared to only a third of people in the United Kingdom and the United States (33%).

Also, one in two South East Asians, Singaporeans (54%), Filipinos (53%), Malaysians (58%), and Thais (49%) view mobile app check-ins, skipping registration queues, access to hotel room keys via online download is expected to be the trend in 2020.

Singapore (50%), Vietnam (47%), Philippines (45%), China (44%) and Australia (41%) are the top five origins are most likely to want a passport-free travel, while in the UK and US people are more expectant of this advancement with only 1 in 5 expecting it to be a norm.


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Innovative technologies like Agoda has made such an impact on how and where people travel. Timothy Hughes, Vice President of Corporate Development at Agoda said that Asian travelers are enthused by and expectant of technology developments that enhance and simplify their travel experience.

For Malaysians, 58% expect to be able to use their mobile phones for hotel check-ins, while 53% expect to use a single app for all their travel needs.

The research also revealed that 36% of Malay travelers would like to make more eco-friendlier choices while traveling in the next decade. 43% of Malaysians would like to travel more internationally in the next decade, while 40% would like to explore their own country more.

Proudly, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur tops wishlist travelers in Malaysia in the 2020s, followed by Makkah (#2) and then Bali (#3).

What’s your travel plans for this year?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat