A Sign For The Haze - Literally

a sign for the haze - literally
Photo: CNA

Remember the haze that shrouded our country not too long ago? (who can forget, after all?). 
One man decided to do something about it and started a petition to hold the Indonesian and Malaysian government responsible for this annual occurrence. 

a sign for the haze - literally

Sidneswaran Paramaswaran’s attempt to raise awareness about this issue that keeps happening is a commendable one, as it gives concerned global citizens a platform to make their voices heard. While we can complain and talk about it all we want, this is one way we can stand united and contribute towards making a change on our beloved planet. 
The aim is to hit 50,000 signatures on the petition so that they can physically present it to the Indonesian and Malaysian ministers for them to take notice. We need to build a sustainable and cleaner future for the younger generation, because if not now, when? 

a sign for the haze - literallyPhoto: CNA

As it is, the haze is something we all speak about with nonchalance. “Oh, the haze is back,” we say. It has become the norm, and a situation that we have learnt to deal with. The rush to stock up on masks, the preparations to stay at home, and the schools that are ready to close until the API readings go down are simply steps taken to keep us out of the worst of it. What matters far more are the reparative measures we should be taking instead.
While there has been awareness about the situation, there needs to be more - more care, more action and more responsibility!
Make your voice heard here.

By: Celestine Foo