A Short+Sweet Treat For Arts Lovers

a short+sweet treat for arts lovers

What tickles your fancy? Plays, dances, comedies or musicals?

Imagine an event with all of this under one roof - the Short+Sweet festival is just that! Not very short, but pretty sweet, and this year marks its 12th season.

Running for 8 weeks from 6th September all the way to 3rd November before they move on to Penang, there will be seven different categories for you to pick from.

Despite having just debuted in Malaysia last year, the event was a huge success, with Adam Taufiq Suharto’s winning film, Falasi, going on to be screened in Hollywood. 

a short+sweet treat for arts lovers

The festival is even bigger this year, with its partner Passion Pictures, who will be sponsoring some prizes as well as the very tantalising opportunity to work with the renowned production house. 

Those who are new to Short+Sweet can think of it as a buffet of theatrical delights - after all, who doesn’t love buffets? The festival runs as a competition so you know the performers will be at their very best on stage. The variety is endless, and there is sure to be something for the whole family. 

Click here for the full schedule. 

By: Celestine Foo