A Cat Came to the Rescue of an Abandoned Baby in Kota Bharu

a cat came to the rescue of an abandoned baby in kota bharu

It’s not uncommon to hear of cats needing rescue when they find themselves stuck in small, narrow areas or high atop a building or tree. But today, a pet cat made headlines for saving an abandoned baby.

According to a report in The Star, the cat found the abandoned baby girl in a bush on Jalan Bayam, Kota Bharu when the owner, Mohd Norazam Che Wahab, let it out for its daily morning walk.

When he saw his cat rushing across the street hurriedly, he chased after the cat in fear of its safety. When at the bush, he heard sounds of a baby and, with the help of his cat, found the baby covered in blood and still with the umbilical cord intact.

I believe the baby has just been born because there was still blood on her body. I can’t imagine what would have happened to it if my cat had not found it.

a cat came to the rescue of an abandoned baby in kota bharuImage via Utusan Online

Fortunately, the baby was found in time and Mohd Norazam immediately alerted the authorities and had the baby taken to the hospital.

The Kota Bharu District Police is now investigating the case to find the culprits responsible for this despicable act. Some neighbours reported spotting a car suspiciously parked in the area just hours before Mohd Norazam’s discovery.


Thank goodness for Mohd Norazam and his feline hero who managed to save the baby just in time!