750 Kedah Healthcare Workers Tested Positive For COVID-19 Over A Year

A total of 750 healthcare workers at public and private facilities in Kedah tested positive for COVID-19 throughout last year until July 31st, 2021.

According to BERNAMA, State health director Dr. Othman Warijo said of the total, 85 cases occurred last year with an incidence rate of 0.36% of all healthcare workers in the state while for this year, as of July 31st, 665 cases were reported or 2.83%.

750 kedah healthcare workers tested positive for covid-19 over a yearPhoto via The Edge Markets

He said that the infection cases involved various categories of staff including nurses, officers and medical specialists, dental officers, assistant medical officers, allied health professionals, healthcare assistants, administrations and support service staff.

“The increase in the rate is parallel with the rise in COVID-19 confirmed cases in the state,” he said.

Dr. Othman also assured that health services in the state are not affected despite the COVID-19 infection among healthcare workers and urged the public to continue to adhere to the SOPs and adopt new norms to break the chain of infections. 

He added that further analysis of the data this year showed that healthcare workers who tested positive for the virus involved all ages, from 20 to 60-years-old, with 69% of them being female workers.

Meanwhile, 99.7% of the cases this year were mild or asymptomatic and no fatalities among healthcare workers were reported as of July 31st.

750 kedah healthcare workers tested positive for covid-19 over a yearPhoto via New Straits Times

He also said that the department’s records also indicated that 59% of the cases were infected outside of the workplace, but infection in the workplace still occurred and it needed immediate attention.

All healthcare workers in the public and private sections, as well as volunteers are often advised, trained and monitored to comply with preventative and control measures in the workplace, he clarified.

We hope that everyone is taking care of themselves!

Please don’t be complacent and always abide by the SOPs implemented by the government. Stay at home and stay safe, everyone. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat