60 Landslides Block Main Road On Fraser’s Hill

60 landslides block main road on fraser’s hill

Photo via Astro AWANI

A total of 139 landslides and soil erosions have been detected along the route up and down Fraser’s Hill, and 60 of them are currently blocking the main road.

This was revealed after the Department of Minerals and Geosciences (JMG) sent a ‘response team’ to the affected areas, mainly the resort, Fraser’s Hill and Jalan Lama Raub-Bentong, to conduct a risk assessment.

“Jalan Lama Raub - Bentong is reportedly still closed due to landslides and the JMG 'response team' is in the process of scouting the area to conduct a risk assessment,” said Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah.

It’s understood that RM31.74 million has been allocated for the Public Works Department (JKR) as well as the Department of Irrigation and Drainage to carry out mitigation works.

As for plans for the year, Shamsul said JMG is working with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council to conduct landslide risk mapping, with an allocation of RM758,000 to resolve the landslide issue in Bukit Antarabangsa.

He added that people residing in risky areas should always be aware of the surrounding conditions in the event of landslides or small movements of land slopes, cracks or cracks in walls, house poles, bumps, road sediments and trees that are constantly inclined.

“If that happens, the public can contact the authorities to channel information or get help at 05-540 6000 or 019-389 4757. The Ministry is always ready to provide technical expertise for landslide threat assessment,” he said.

Shamsul also reminded that bad weather and continuous rain during the northeast monsoon season in most states in Malaysia could pose a risk of landslides in hilly areas, slopes and routes with poorly maintained drainage systems, adding that landslides can occur suddenly or in stages on a small or large scale.

Stay safe, people!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob