6 Weird Football Injuries

Austrian goalkeeper Christopher Knett was forced to miss a recent match for Greek club Panetolikos because of an unusual reason: he burned his hand while cooking a steak!

This kitchen mishap isn't the first time that a footballer had to miss a game (or an entire tournament) due to a weird injury.

6 weird football injuries
Photo via Onties.com

Here are some notable examples, in no particular order:

#1 Paulo Diogo

The Swiss player climbed up a fence when celebrating a goal. His wedding ring was caught in the barrier and he tore the finger off when he jumped off. The referee was unaware of the injury and yellow carded him for time wasting.

#2 Santiago Canizares

The Spanish goalkeeper had to miss the 2002 World Cup due to a foot tendon injury, after he dropped a bottle of aftershave on it.

#3 Ever Banega

The Valencia midfielder broke his ankle in 2012 after being run over by his own car. He forgot to apply his handbrake at a petrol station, and the car rolled onto his foot.

#4 David Batty

Speaking of vehicle-related injures, the Leeds midfielder missed several matches due to an Achilles injury 1999, after his 3-year-old daughter hit him with her trike.

#5 Sam Henderson

The Scottish footballer was hit by a runaway cow at his father's farm in 2018.

#6 Marco Asensio

The Real Madrid star reportedly missed a Champions League match in 2017 due to an infected pimple after shaving his legs. It's not clear if he now keeps his legs au naturel.

By: Faisal Merican