54 Dogs At A Seremban Shelter Perished In Negeri Sembilan Floods

54 dogs at a seremban shelter perished in negeri sembilan floods

Photo via Facebook

If you don’t know by now, several areas in Negeri Sembilan experienced flash floods due to heavy rain last night right up until this morning (November 4th).

And we’re talking about waters that were rising up to two metres high!

Seremban was no exception to the floods, and probably the saddest story to come out of this is that an animal shelter there was affected.

A total of 54 dogs from the shelter, including a puppy, drowned in high waters.

Here’s what the aftermath of the floods looked like at the shelter…

Posted by FurryKids Safehaven on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

There’s another video showing the bodies of the dogs lined up outside the shelter, but you can watch that on your own.

The Furrykids Safehaven shelter is home to as many as 1,800 dogs that they’ve rescued from the streets of Seremban.

If you would like to help them out, please visit their official Facebook page for more details.

This is so sad!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob