Discount Alert! 50% Off on Traffic Summonses During the 3-Day Madani Event!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's administration, a special "One Year with the Madani Government" event is offering a 50% discount on traffic summonses from December 8 to 10. 

The Chief of the Kuala Lumpur traffic investigation and enforcement department, Azman Ahmad Sapri, specified that payments can be made exclusively at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium's traffic fine enquiry and payment counter, operating from 9 am to 6 pm.

discount alert! 50% off on traffic summonses during the 3-day madani event!Photo via Selangor Journal

However, this discounted offer excludes traffic offences for the year 2023 related to accidents, cases with arrest warrants, ongoing trials, and non-compoundable offences. 

Azman encouraged the public to check their fines in advance through the MyBayar PDRM portal and app. 

This proactive step aims to prevent congestion at the payment counter location and streamline the payment process during the three-day commemorative event organised jointly by a unit under the prime minister's office and the Malaysia Productivity Corporation.