5 Year Old Singaporean Boy Forgotten By Parents In Malaysian Petrol Station

5 year old singaporean boy forgotten by parents in malaysian petrol station

Photo: Facebook (Chen Shi Fu)

We are sure many have encountered some sort of childhood trauma as a kid, but have you ever been left behind in a foreign country?

For this five-year-old Singaporean boy, his weekend road trip to Malaysia turned completely topsy turvy when his parents forgot about him.

According to AsiaOne, the parents continued their trip after stopping at a rest stop along the North-South expressway on 14 December, not realising that the boy was not in the car with them.

Later on, a Petronas station attendant named Zammal found the crying boy in the toilet, walking around and looking for his mum. Unfortunately, this must have been a pretty horrifying moment for the young boy. 

Zammal then tried to look for the boy’s parents in the area, but to no avail. The kind hearted man then brought the boy into the staff room and calmed the distressed child with ice cream and Milo - a fail-proof combination.
The petrol station manager told Lianhe Wanbao, that they made a police report but decided to let the child stay on at the petrol station should the parents come to look for him. 

Unfortunately, given the boy’s young age, they only managed to get his name and age, so the staff resorted to social media. The power of social media is often stronger than we expect, after all. 

The boy’s photo was circulated on Facebook, with a caption requesting for help to find his parents.

According to 8world, the parents realised their precious cargo was missing after two hours, and instantly called the police.

The child was then reunited with his parents at a police station 20km away from the petrol station he was found at on that very night.

What a trip! Have you ever encountered anything like this?

By: Celestine Foo