5 Minutes Is All E-Hailing Drivers Have At KLIA

5 minutes is all e-hailing drivers have at kliaPhoto: Kuaby

Malaysia Airports has released a statement to clarify the five-minute waiting time for all e-hailing drivers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). This move was implemented to avoid potential congestion by ensuring smooth traffic flow. 
They disputed claims that this was a way of earning additional revenue. 

5 minutes is all e-hailing drivers have at kliaPhoto: The Star

KLIA and KLIA 2 have an average of 165,000 passengers passing through with an average of 2,200 public transport vehicles and an average of 300 e-hailing drivers daily. In line with this, maximum waiting times are necessary so as to avoid inconvenience.
Malaysia Airports conducted a study before the implementation and found that passenger pick-up for a six-person ride which includes senior citizens and children can be achieved in less than four minutes. The study also found that with the new move, 95% of all e-hailing drivers had managed to do so and this improved the vehicle flow at the terminal kerbside significantly.
E-hailing drivers picking up passengers can avoid paying extra charges by leaving the terminal in the allocated time. If the passengers are not ready and waiting at the assigned pick-up points, drivers can opt to exit the area first and re-enter the kerbside area. 
Malaysia Airports also suggested that e-hailing drivers make prior arrangements with all passengers to ensure they are ready to be picked-up. There is also an additional waiting area for e-hailing drivers opposite the Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) available for all e-hailing drivers to use. Plans are underway to coordinate with gateway@klia2 shopping mall, the transport hub operator at klia2 terminal regarding the issue of the RM5 entrance fee to the transport hub.

By: Celestine Foo