48-Hour #JOMLaunchGood Challenge 2020 Raises RM153,569 for 69 Malaysian Changemakers

#JOMLaunchGood Challenge, a 48-hour fundraising challenge exclusive to Malaysians by global crowdfunding platform, LaunchGood wrapped up earlier this week, with a total amount of RM153,569 raised, impacting 69 Malaysian campaigns on various causes. 

48-hour #jomlaunchgood challenge 2020 raises rm153,569 for 69 malaysian changemakersPhoto via Instagram (@8for_aid)

In the spirit of uplifting Malaysians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the campaigns are being tailored to overcoming rising issues and empowering communities catalysed by the virus. 

Some of the top causes are related to healthcare, poverty, education, and religious needs, to name a few.

Permai Budi Education Fund, a campaign organised by Pertubuhan Kebajikan Semai Budi tops the ‘Highest Amount’ leaderboard with a total raised amount of RM17,057 and seized the challenge’s top prize which is an additional RM15,000 from LaunchGood. 

Minggu lepas, pihak Permai Budi diberi sepenuh kepercayaan dan diamanahkan oleh beberapa individu untuk menyampaikan...

Posted by Permai Budi on Thursday, December 3, 2020

“We are really delighted to win the challenge. It is our first time to utilize a crowdfunding platform, and LaunchGood really helps us to gain potential donors’ confidence as everything is transparent on the campaign page itself.”

“We are definitely leveraging on LaunchGood for upcoming campaigns in the long run,” said Alwani Fickry, organising committee member of Permai Budi Education Fund.

Another non-government organisation, 8 For Aid, gathered the highest number of supporters throughout the challenge and topped the ‘Highest Number of Supporters’ campaign. Their campaign, Covid Relief: Clean Water Project, Semporna won the grand prize of the category, which is a boost of RM15,000 to their ongoing campaign. 

Abdul Hadi Bin Anuar, Coordinator of Covid Relief: Clean Water Project, Semporna campaign credited their success to Malaysians’ generosity in supporting the campaign and elevating them to top the ‘Highest Number of Supporters’ leaderboard throughout the 48-hour challenge.

“We thank all our supporters for their faith in our project, our victory will help empower the residents of Pulau Selakan, Semporna who until today, still heavily depend on rainwater as their main freshwater source,” he said. 

8 For Aid is expecting to begin their project in January 2021.

LaunchGood’s APAC Regional Head, Nur Sharain Abdul Rashid is elated by the challenge’s success in rallying up kind-hearted Malaysians to support noble causes for the society. “It was a spectacular sight to see how Malaysian changemakers rallied together to do good in just 48 hours.”

“We hope that this challenge will inspire many other Malaysians to do the same, beyond the challenge.”

If you want to know more you can head over to #JOMLaunchGood’s official website, launchgood.com/JOMlaunchgood, or follow LaunchGood on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Let’s help each other out, especially during this difficult time! We’re all in this together, Malaysians. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat