44,941 Barred From Entering Malaysia

44,941 barred from entering malaysiaPhoto: The Star

When entering a theme park, we need to buy passes or valid tickets. In the same way, entering a country requires valid passes too.

Unfortunately, the Immigration Department found and barred a total of 44,941 foreigners from entering our country this year. 

Of the 44,941, 20,676 were Indonesians,  with 6,398 India nationals, 4,793 China nationals, 3,155 Bangladeshis and 2,445 Myanmar nationals.

All of them were unable to fulfill the necessary criteria for entry.

44,941 barred from entering malaysiaPhoto: mix.my

"These terms include having a return ticket, accommodation, a valid passport, no blacklist records, proof of adequate finances for the visit and a valid Visa for visitors from countries required," said Immigration Department director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud.

"If the foreigner does not fulfil these requirements, we will issue the not-to-land (NTL) notice," he said in a statement, according to The Star.

According to Datuk Khairul, sterner measures were employed to make sure no entry points would be compromised during the recent systems disruption at KLIA.

"During this period, we issued NTL notices to 365 individuals," he said.

He also added that the Home Ministry allocated RM20 million for the installation of CCTV systems from January 2020. The cameras will be to ensure tighter security at the entry points.

"Our department will also enhance integration of our Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) database system to ensure that passport data that is reported missing is shared to the whole world and can be tracked in case it is used at any entry point across the globe. The SLTD database will also hinder abuse of passports reported lost or stolen," he added.

We sure hope the tighter enforcement will help with the issue!

By: Celestine Foo