This Football Player Is 12-Years-Old And The Internet Is Refusing To Believe It!

The internet is still struggling to accept the fact that Jeremiah Johnson, from Fort Worth Texas is only 12-years-old because of how he looks. 

The boy went viral after a photo of him holding the trophy for “12U Division 1 Most Valuable Player” went viral on social media. He then started getting media attention.

this football player is 12-years-old and the internet is refusing to believe it!Photo via Oddity Central

According to Oddity Central, his team, the Dallas Dragons Elite Academy (DEA) has just won the 2022 Youth National Championships in Miami, and he was crowned MVP! Despite thousand of likes and congratulations left on his photos, his age still seemed to be the main topic of the conversation. 

Well, to be fair, the boy did appear astonishingly mature for his age and they simply could not believe that he is only 12-years-old!

A video of the young boy trying to convince people that he is 12 is also getting a lot of online attention. However, many still don’t believe him and said that the football player must be at least 20-years-old. 

Some even asked for his birth certificate as proof!

For someone who is only 12-years-old, Jeremiah is incredibly large and heavy. According to reports, he is said to be 180 cm and 90 kg. 



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Wah, who knows how big he’ll be when he’s old enough to go to college!

What do you guys think?