More Than 100 Dolphins Spotted in Semporna, A Rare Sight for Some Lucky Divers!

Witnessing the presence of a single dolphin in Malaysian waters is often deemed a rare and cherished encounter. 

Now, picture the sheer awe and astonishment of eight fortunate souls who not only spotted one but a breathtaking gathering of 100 dolphins gracefully dancing through our ocean! 

more than 100 dolphins spotted in semporna, a rare sight for some lucky divers!Photo via TikTok (@joestarzz)

This extraordinary and exceedingly rare spectacle unfolded for the fortunate octet during what began as a routine scuba diving expedition. Among the group was an underwater videographer, Abdul Razak Ismail, who captured this awe-inspiring event on camera. 

It was a day etched in their memories, an encounter with nature's marvels that occurred around 2 pm on the 6th of September. This enchanting display of marine life took place off the shores of Sipadan Island, nestled within the pristine waters of Semporna, Sabah.

Abdul Razak, recounting the exhilarating experience, shared that their group was graced by the presence of approximately 100 dolphins, a sight that left them spellbound. As he delved into the details, he noted the possibility of two distinct dolphin species, each bearing its unique characteristics. Some of these aquatic wonders sported pink bellies, while others were adorned with distinctive hump-shaped heads.

With an extensive background in scuba diving, Abdul Razak, also known as Joe Star, brought a seasoned perspective to this remarkable encounter. Having embarked on underwater adventures since 2006 and having served as a divemaster, he understood the nuances of exploring the depths. 

He revealed that divers often keep a watchful eye for these magnificent creatures around Sipadan or Mabul Islands. However, the whims of dolphins could vary, ranging from a friendly interaction to a graceful retreat into the ocean's depths.


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As Abdul Razak reflected on this extraordinary encounter, he emphasized its rarity. Encounters with dolphins in such grand numbers, a spectacular congregation of 100 of these marine treasures swimming in unison, were an exception rather than the rule. 

He further added that, on average, the possibility of sighting dolphins could occur up to three times within a month, underlining the preciousness of this particular experience.