10 Wild Monkeys Poisoned To Death In Forest Near Residential Area In Georgetown

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) has condemned an incident where some 10 monkeys were poisoned to death in a forest near a residential area in Paya Terubong, Georgetown, Penang.

Video footage and photos of the monkeys, lying motionless on the ground, while some are in their last breath have since found their way into social media, and netizens are furious! 

10 wild monkeys poisoned to death in forest near residential area in georgetownPhoto via NST

According to NST, CAP education officer N.V/ Subbarow described the act of poisoning and killing the monkeys as ruthless and cruel. 

“God will not forgive those who killed the 10 monkeys. CAP condemns such inhumane and sinful actions. No one has the right to poison a living being. What is the reason to poison monkeys living in the forest?

“We are destroying forests and building houses in the name of development. The monkeys have nowhere to go, and as such, they are forced to come out in search of food,” he said on Saturday (June 27th). 

He also added that if the monkeys were making noise, they could easily be chased away rather than poisoned to death. 

“If the monkeys are harassing the nearby residents, they can lodge a complaint with the Wildlife Department, which can catch the monkeys and release them back into the wild. But poisoning the monkeys is a heinous act,” he said. 

He also appealed to the responsible individuals not to repeat such acts. A police report has been lodged over the incident. 

We totally agree with him! Killing monkeys, or any animal, by poisoning them is cruel and inhumane. 

They deserve better! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat