Your Friend Is Going Through A Panic Attack, This Is What You Can Do!

A panic attack is a brief but intense rush of fear.

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According to Healthline, panic attack triggers aren’t always easy to identify, so people who have one attack often worry about having more, especially in public.

For someone who constantly gets panic attacks, it can feel very uncomfortable and cause significant distress. Many people even believe they’re experiencing a heart attack or other life-threatening issue.

If someone you know is having a panic attack, or they tend to become very anxious and not think clearly… you can help the person by just being there for them, according to HealthLinkBC.

What you can do:

  • Stay with the person and keep calm

  • Offer medicine if the person usually takes it during an attack

  • Don’t make assumptions about what the person needs. Instead, ask them!

  • Speak to the person in short, simple sentences

  • Be predictable, avoid surprises

  • Help slow the person’s breathing by breathing with them while counting slowly to 10

What you can say:

  • “You can get through this”

  • “I am proud of you. Good job”

  • “Tell me what you need now”

  • “Concentrate on your breathing. Stay in the present”

  • “It’s not the place that is bothering you, it’s the thought”

  • “What you are feeling is scary, but it’s not dangerous”

But most importantly, validate their distress!

People often have a hard time sharing their experiences with mental health issues, including panic attacks, and some even avoid talking about their mental health issues because they believe others won’t understand what they’re going through.

Simply sticking around and seeing them through the experience might not feel like much to you, but it can make a difference for the person having the attack.

So, just be there for each other! 

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Love & Light: Amanda Xavier (Clinical Psychologist)

Many today still find it difficult to talk about mental health, despite an increase in societal awareness on the matter. While progress has been made in raising society’s awareness of the importance of mental health, there is still a long way to go. Clinical psychologist, Amanda Xavier shares on how to be there for a loved one who may be going through mental health issues, and how NOT to approach the situation. "It's better to provide a listening ear than advise in that moment."

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Hope this helps! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat