Beyond the Fandom: What We Discovered Watching BTS' New Documentary as Non-ARMY

We took a look at the first two episodes of "BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" on Disney+ Hotstar without being big fans, and here's our thoughts!

If you haven't heard of BTS, you must have been out of the loop. Right now, they're not just the most famous K-pop group; they're one of the most famous groups globally. They've got numerous #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, been nominated five times at the GRAMMYs, and even spoke at the UN General Assembly. 

But besides their achievements, BTS is known for being hardworking, kind, and respectful, which has kept them on top.

EP1. The Beginning

So, we started watching the first episode to get to know the members better, as we only knew about their achievements before.

We didn't have any expectations going into the documentary; we just wanted to understand them better. What we learned from the first episode is that calling them "hardworking" is an understatement. Starting from a small company, they faced comparisons and stress even before debuting. It's impressive how mature they are for their age, dealing with all this pressure.

But what stood out more is their bond. Living together as a group of teens for three years, they took care of each other. The older ones made sure the younger ones ate, went to school, and balanced work. They genuinely care about each other, sharing all their significant moments, from school days to work and travel.

We also get why they have so many fans – they're relatable. They're open about their lives, talking about struggles like mental health, growing up in a tough society, and dealing with relationships. Their songs mirror what many young people go through.

beyond the fandom: what we discovered watching bts' new documentary as non-army

In the documentary, BTS shared a moment about winning Best New Artist. They talked about how, despite the big award, life went on as usual. They emphasized that, like sadness, happiness is temporary, and what matters is how you handle it. Beyond the fame, the documentary showed us the real BTS – just regular humans like all of us.

EP2. Adolescence

After the initial episode, we were eagerly looking forward to the next one! The personality and character the boys displayed in the first episode had us completely hooked – they come across as a group of cool guys you'd love to have as friends!

Following multiple #1 wins at music shows, the boys saw it as a significant accomplishment for any Korean artist. With a growing fanbase, they decided to kick off their first tour, beginning in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. SUGA saw performing there as already a massive achievement for a Korean artist. As the episode progressed, we witnessed their concert audiences grow from 6,000 to over 25,000 in just a few years. Despite their rising success, BTS remained humble, consistently expressing gratitude to their fans for unwavering support.

beyond the fandom: what we discovered watching bts' new documentary as non-army

In this episode, Jin and Jungkook were the most vocal about their feelings for fans. They were not only honest with themselves but also transparent with their fans. Recognising that fans had been their source of strength, they wanted to reciprocate that strength. The release of the song '2! 3!' demonstrated how BTS aimed to be a pillar of support for their ARMY.

Although already one of the world's biggest boy groups, BTS emphasized their commitment to returning with better music and an improved version of themselves. Despite achieving a lot at a young age, they remained eager to learn and work hard. Their understanding of the importance of happiness inspired fans to seek their own joy.

This episode highlighted the reality that, even when you're at the top, you can still feel weary of your job or have mixed feelings while living your dreams. BTS vividly portrayed the ups and downs of life. 

Having it all doesn't mean you won't feel lost every once in a while – that's just life. And through their journey, BTS showed that life is still worth living because of these experiences.

As we look back on the first two episodes, getting to know RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook has been pretty cool! We've been on a journey with BTS, seeing their ups and downs, laughs, and challenges.

Now, with "BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" on Disney+ Hotstar and new episodes dropping every week, we're all excited for what's next. This series isn't just a peek into their lives; it's also something that inspires both fans and those new to the BTS scene.

Whether you're a hardcore ARMY or just starting to get curious, let's look forward to each new episode together. "BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" offers an immersive experience into the captivating journey of seven extraordinary individuals who've left an indelible mark on the world stage.