Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon Character With Snapchat’s New Lens!

This year has been surreal for everyone – it’s like if we are all living in the same never-ending movie together. 

But now that 2020 is coming to an end, why not choose a genre of movie that we would all love to live in? The magical, happily-ever-after world of cartoons!

turn yourself into a cartoon character with snapchat’s new lens!

You can turn yourself into your own, unique cartoon character right before your eyes, with Snapchat’s Cartoon Lens. The brand new Lens is now available on Snapchat’s Lens Carousel.

The Lens uses machine learning to create a unique look just for you. 

...or, tap the Camera Roll button when the Lens is activated to see another image appear in anime-style too. Now, let’s begin your cartoon adventure on Snapchat!

In the past year, Snap has released several Lenses powered by our advances in training and executing small machine learning models, and as a result, the effect feels smooth and realistic. 

Aside from this Cartoon Lens and the recently-launched and highly popular Anime lens, these Lenses help Snapchatters communicate and be creative with their friends and family, regardless of where they are!

Try it out now, and have fun! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat