To Wear Or Not To Wear? That Is The Question

to wear or not to wear? that is the question


As the coronavirus pandemic continues, people have been overthinking about whether they need to be wearing a mask when in public or not. Now, we have all heard from medical professionals that face masks are not designed to block out any form of viruses or germs. So, the question is, do we need to wear a mask even if we are not sick?

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People have a naturally stronger immune system that the body does not show symptoms of the coronavirus, but we are not sure ourselves if we have contracted the virus or not. Some recent studies have suggested that the coronavirus is airborne and can spread through air. The virus spreads through water droplets from an infected person when he or she coughs or sneezes. This is then transferred to another person through close contact.

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The World Health Organization now supports wearing face masks in public, marking a major shift from previous advice about the Covid-19 pandemic. And with the recent shortage of face masks in the market, people are encouraged to make their own face masks from cloth materials or cuttings from old pieces of clothing.

The WHO said that surgical masks should be reserved for front-line medical professionals. The WHO added that the effects of wearing face masks not only helps reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it is also a part of the comprehensive strategy to control this disease.

So, make sure you stay home and why not give those DIY facemasks a go?

By: Rayelene Chin