To Risk Or Not To Risk?

to risk or not to risk?

Beauty procedures have evolved from simple make-up procedures to become something much more complicated. 

The good old days of pinching lips to give them colour turned into a demand for lipsticks, and now, we have lip tattoos. While the idea is fantastic (imagine never having to apply lipstick ever again), is it really necessary? As with every tattoo, there are risks. What more on somewhere so tender and sensitive. Anything foreign in the body is never a good idea, but the trend still caught on.

We also now have microblading procedures for eyebrows and eyelash extensions for those who want to have perfect brows and eyelashes without having to go through the pain of creating these illusions before heading out. While these two procedures are some of the least invasive ones in the beauty industry nowadays, the risk of infection remains high. 

to risk or not to risk?

What about a bone-setting massage that apparently changes the shape of your face? There is a treatment known as the “Golki” therapy which claims to reset your bone structure to the shape you desire. The process takes a few sessions, with slight bruising to be expected, and results should be visible after several sessions. 

These treatments are expensive, and more often than not, cause some sort of discomfort. And yet, there are still a huge number of people who willingly put themselves through the ordeal to make themselves look better. 

Some of these procedures have side-effects, like lesser natural eyelashes, or balding brows, but these only happen in the long run to some people. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, it does bear the question of whether these procedures are worth the risk.

Would you be willing to go through some form of pain, for the sake of beauty?