TikTok Takes Educational Content To A Whole New Level!

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), schools were forced to close temporarily, and we saw an increase in learning resources from students live-streaming their classes, to teachers giving one-on-one online tuition. 

There’s truly no limit to the increasing number of ways you can learn new things!

tiktok takes educational content to a whole new level!Photo via Xiaomist

TikTok has always been a platform for creative expressions even before the MCO and this also includes all the innovative ways creators use the platform to learn, as well as impart knowledge. 

Check out these unique Malaysian creators that have taken it upon themselves to teach just one person with easy on the eyes, light-hearted and palatable educational content. 

1. Taking care of your teeth with Dr. Sylvia


Reply to @gabriellacastroalfora 6 ways to know if you need Braces ##braces ##tiktokguru ##learnontiktok ##edutok ##tiktokpartner ##didyouknow ##savageremix

♬ 6ways to know if you need braces Savage Edition - Dr Sylvia Lim

Dr. Sylvia Lim is a happy-go-lucky dentist who shares knowledge of good oral health and braces care in a fun and lighthearted style.

Her educational videos bring awareness to her followers on credible information and tips on how to keep your gums and teeth healthy as they can be!

2. Get the skin of your dreams with Dr. Ingky


Avoid this ingredient if you have acne pt 1 ##skincaremalaysia ##tiktokdoctor ##lacticacid

♬ Savage - Megan Thee Stallion

He is an aesthetic dermatologist who runs his own practice in Malaysia. During his free time from being a working professional, he enjoys having interactive sessions with his followers and tries to answer all of their burning questions on skincare.

Trust Dr. Ingky to give you reliable and helpful tips based on his dermatology expertise - he shares abundant information on how to treat skin different types of acne, the type of skincare products and when to use them!

3. Explore the hidden side of nature with Iqbal


Metal juga penyu laut ni fuhh ##science ##biology

♬ Kokiri Forest - Super Guitar Bros

Iqbal Ahyar is a science teacher by day and TikTok’s very own animal guru by night!

Expressing his love for everything Mother Earth has to offer, Iqbal produces videos with entertaining and educational fun facts about animals, biology, nature and the environment. 

His fun and informational videos are easy to consume and are perfect for those interested in collecting trivia in short bursts.

4. Give engaging speeches with Nisha


How to De-Stress ?##pkpp ##tiktokguru

♬ Midnight Lofi - Lofi Radiance & Lofi Hip-Hop Beats & Lofi Hip Hop

Nisa Jalani is an emcee, entrepreneur and a public speaker!

A growing TikTok star who helps her followers to learn how to speak well and clearly. Her speech tips provide clear direction on how to give highly impactful presentations, how to use a microphone properly and also, how to de-stress effectively after a long day.

5. Learn business secrets with Irfan


Tinggalkan mereka yang negatif dan toksik. Like ❤️ dan follow jika membantu! ##tiktokguru ##motivationguru ##learnontiktok ##tiktokmalaysia ##berbagiilmu

♬ Sunset Lover - Piano Version - Kim Bo

Irfan Khairi is a successful motivational speaker, and author who enjoys learning and teaching his fans various tips and tricks of the business world. 

Complete with a generous attitude and helpful nature, Irfan readily provides his followers with his acute business success stories reminding us to keep working hard to achieve our goals. 

Who said you can’t learn by being on your phone all day, right?

Learning comes in many different shapes and forms, and is not limited to the classroom only. 

These creators are doing their best to spread their love for knowledge on TikTok where they have been thriving with the safe, and vibrant community of eager learners.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out on TikTok now, and while you’re there, follow us on our TikTok, too!


It’s that easy! ##stayathome ##dudukrumah ##coronavirus ##covid19

♬ original sound - SYOK

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat