TikTok Joins Yayasan Generasi Gemilang In The Fight Against Cyberbullying

Following the success of its #thinkb4youdo campaign, TikTok, has doubled down on its commitment to promote online safety by partnering with Yayasan Generasi Gemilang (GG).

The partnership with GG reaffirms TikTok’s commitment to tackle cyberbullying while ensuring its platform remains a safe and positive environment for all Malaysians. 

tiktok joins yayasan generasi gemilang in the fight against cyberbullyingPhoto via Malay Mail

Director of TikTok Trust & Safety, APAC region, Arjun Narayan Bettadapur said: “As a platform that celebrates trends and embraces diversity, TikTok has become the preferred platform for expression. Maintaining a safe and positive platform for our global community is our number one priority and requires a multifaceted approach, which includes the development of stringent policies and tools, as well as collaborations with organizations that are aligned to our commitment.”

“GG is a prime example of such a partnership, which sees both parties leveraging each other’s strengths to tackle an ongoing issue in Malaysia – cyberbullying,” he added. 

The partnership follows it inaugural collaboration in 2019 through the #BetterMeBetterInternet campaign, to empower children and youth with positive values to thrive in essential life areas such as cyber wellness and digital literacy. 

This year’s partnership extends both parties commitment to online safety, specifically raising awareness on cyberbullying.

Director of Services, Yayasan Generasi Gemilang, Nick Foong elaborates that “3 in 10 young people in Malaysia have been cyberbullied, with almost half of them experiencing it through online platforms such as online gaming and social media.”

He also said: “We’re fully aware that spending time online is an increasing part of youth culture today, and there has been no better time than the present to raise awareness on cyberbullying and the impact it has on a family unit. GG is proud to partner with TikTok to inspire youth to make positive life choices, form close family connections, and to be a vital contributor to society, all of which are essential in tackling cyberbullying.”

This long-term relationship will see a holistic approach with both online and offline elements. 

The offline approach will see on-ground outreach initiatives at schools to inculcate positive online behaviours by providing fresh, new learning materials to youth, whereas online will include a downloadable module that serves as a guide to addressing cyberbullying.

The launch of #stopbullying (#hentikanbuli) campaign and potential live streams with GG and other industry experts to raise awareness and the importance of standing up to cyberbullying. 

Through the #stopbullying (#hentikanbuli) challenge under the #thinkb4youdo  campaign, TikTok is encouraging users to participate and spread awareness on cyberbullying by doing the following:

  1. Shoot a video using the sticker

  2. Post your video along with the hashtags #thinkb4youdo, #stopbullying and #hentikanbuli and set it to public

  3. Share it on all your social platforms and invite your friends to join you

Always be kind to the people around you, and the people online - make social media a safe and happy place for people to share their ideas and creativity. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat