This New Minion Shaped Ice-Cream Is Adorable!

Unleash your inner child with every bite of Paddle Pop Malaysia’s new Paddle Pop Minions Ice-Cream!

this new minion shaped ice-cream is adorable!Photo via YouTube (Piggy Travel)

The ice-cream comes with creamy chocolate and indulgent caramel flavours featuring the ever-cheerful Illumination’s Minions designs and shape that are bound to ignite curiosity.

Not going to lie, they look super adorable!

this new minion shaped ice-cream is adorable!Photo via YouTube (Piggy Travel)

Malaysians will have the opportunity to #TasteTheChomel with this ice-cream. Just in case you’re wondering, ‘Chomel’ is a fun and playful portmanteau derived from the CHOcolate and caraMEL flavours of the ice-cream, and an apt description of Illumination’s Minions that Malaysians have come to know and love.

Not only that, but Malaysians can also stand a chance to win exclusive Minions merchandise from 1 October to 31 October. How? Just hashtag #TasteTheChomel with your most mischievous poses along with the Minions ice-cream in hand.

Just snap a picture, or if you want to be extra you can also take a video, using the Minions Ice Cream comic filter strip on Instagram, and pair it with your most creative caption and the hashtag! 

Sweet caramel delight

Level up with Paddle Pop Minions Ice Cream! Get a rush of sweet caramel and chocolate 🍫 in this awesome treat!

Posted by Paddle Pop Malaysia on Monday, September 7, 2020

Don’t forget to tag @PaddlePopMalaysia as well to stand a chance to win amazing prizes. 

The Paddle Pop Minions ice-cream is available everywhere, nationwide for only RM2!

Be right back, while we go enjoy our Minions ice-cream…

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat