They Came, They Played, They Conquered!

While COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots go a long way in protecting us, Malaysians remain vigilant in their everyday lives to stay safe at all costs.

In addition to the vaccines, many realized that cultivating a healthy lifestyle can also lead to a healthier state of mind and body. With that in mind, a group of friends decided to take up the challenge and come together on Saturday, 26 February to push their limits for the 8th edition of Games of Death (GoD). The last edition was a little over a decade ago back in 2011.

they came, they played, they conquered!

At an ungodly hour of the morning, the Panasonic Stadium marked their first meeting point. Upon arrival, many families and individuals, both young and old, jogging, stretching and exercising. It was great to see many fellow Malaysians adopting a healthy routine.

After a brisk warm up, the teams who were made up of mostly 30 somethings Malaysians from all walks of life were divided into 4 groups of 6 members. The event kicked off at 7:30am with a 6x400 relay, followed by a 6x100 relay. Many participants were taken by surprise at the level of fitness they possess.

All in all, it was a team effort which set the stage for the next event, tug of war. Just as the tug was about to take place, the rope gave way.

they came, they played, they conquered!

Teams thought it was their sheer strength, but the rope had frayed and broke due to a lack of usage. Not to be left undone, the organizers managed to pull some strings and carried on with a back up rope. It was indeed a war fit for Titans but amidst the muddy tugs and loud grunts, it was also heartwarming to witness the outpouring of support from the rival teams.

Next on the agenda was a simultaneous play at futsal and basketball, featuring our very own Michael Jordans and Mokhtar Daharis. This was the critical moment where the player's bodies were put to the test, as we had to switch between the 2 sports with little to no break. Tensions were rising and empty threats such as “Don’t test me” and “Not todays” were being thrown around. Thankfully, everyone managed to complete both games unscathed.

they came, they played, they conquered!

they came, they played, they conquered!

Their final game for the day was badminton. In the last stretch of GoD, everyone was giving their final push through their exhaustion, as final scores were calculated to determine the winning team.

While it was all fun and games, part of the initiative was also to give back to society. With that, they proceeded to make a contribution to our furry friends at Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR). The games certainly showcased the true meaning of sportsmanship and “muhibahness” where it was a win-win for everyone as we closed the curtains on our 8th edition of GoD.