These Are Malaysia's Top TikTok Creators of 2021

TikTok, the leading destination for short form mobile videos, is a unique place where creativity is limitless and continuously supported - where anyone can discover, create, and share content they love.

these are malaysia's top tiktok creators of 2021Photo via UX Collective

In 2021, over 1 billion people turned to TikTok to be entertained, and many of them even took to entertaining audiences themselves with creative content that brought endless joy throughout the year.

Continuing our Year on TikTok celebrations for 2021, we look back at some of our top Malaysian creators who filled our FYP's with diverse content that we could not get enough of. From celebrities who reigned at top two years in a row to foodies that had us all drooling through our screens, we take a look at the top creators in Malaysia who made this year one to remember for everyone, around the world!

Year on TikTok 2021

Most Popular Challenges

1.#TikTokGuru – TikTok commits to making learning more fun and interactive for everyone outside of class. The best part of the challenge is that it caters to all ages to learn something new every day.

2.#MyFoodie – The #MyFoodie hashtag was trending with mouth-watering videos from users about all things food related.

3.#SquidGame – SquidGame is a South Korean survival drama television series that's gotten everyone hooked. People are cosplaying the characters, bingeing the show, and even fangirling over the oppas.

4.#KitaJagaKita – By searching #KitaJagaKita, the discovery page provides information on live sessions with Ministry of Health certified mental health specialists and doctors as well as the resources needed for all to seek mental health support and services.

5.#SenyumanRaya – In conjunction with Raya 2021, TikTok launched their #SenyumanRaya campaign challenge where users were encouraged to share their personally unique Raya festivities on the platform.

Most Popular Verticals

  1. Entertainment
  2. Food
  3. Education
  4. Gaming
  5. Sports

Most Popular Entertainment Creators




Outstanding Celebrities of the Year

1.     babyshimaofficial

2.     noradanishhanif

3.     alvinchong123

4.     toktitiktok

5.     izzueislam

Emerging Celebrities of the Year

  1. imantroye
  2. erissa_puteri
  3. asadmotawhhh

Most Popular Food Creators

  1. akiejack
  2. syifajamill
  3. hamdanmubarak_

Most Popular Beauty and Fashion Creators

  1. rozyana93
  2. sallywhoo
  3. miaazahar

Most Popular Education Creators

  1. dr.samhan
  2. irfan.khairi
  3. hafizuddinmuhd18

Most Popular Gaming Creators

  1. sharinarichie
  2. faroukjer
  3. yonnyzahri

Most Popular Sports Creators

  1. tbh77_oe
  2. thelast_defender
  3. kangzhuangranger

Most Popular Livestreamers

  1. nelysa_norazlan
  2. dj.mushroom
  3. yazminaziz

Join us as we celebrate 2021 on TikTok - and it's all powered by you! Thank you all for making this year 2021-of-a-kind, and demonstrating TikTok's various possibilities as a diverse content platform that encourages creative self-expression in it's truest form.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat