The Iconic Disneyland Ice-Cream Is Now Available In… MALAYSIA.

This is for all the Disney-obsessed fans out there!

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the happiest place on earth as a child, also home to Mickey and Minnie, and all our favorite Disney characters?

the iconic disneyland ice-cream is now available in… malaysia.Photo: Google Images

It’s the only place where we could meet and interact with these iconic characters, have fun at their theme parks and attractions, and enjoy their iconic Disney-themed food (where we only see on YouTube videos or other people’s vlog – SOBS!)

We heard that the Mickey-shaped ice-cream is insanely popular in Disneyland… and crazy delicious. This instagrammable treat has been exclusively available at Disneyland for years, and now it is here, in Malaysia! Golly gee whiz, we’re excited!

The Nestle Mickey Mouse ice-cream is made of vanilla ice-cream with salted caramel sauce and then coated with rich milk chocolate. Sounds like it could be the most magical taste ever and we are already drooling…

Also, a little bird told us that the ice-cream is only available at a limited time – they will be available nationwide for this month ONLY!

So, what are you waiting for? Go now to your nearest convenience store or petrol station before they are all gone! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat