The Colour Yellow Is Said To Inspire Creativity And Here’s Why!

The colours that inspire creativity are thought to be orange, which could spark creativity and enthusiasm; and yellow, which is said to inspire creativity, imagination and inspiration.

But… why?

the colour yellow is said to inspire creativity and here’s why!Photo via HGTV

Research shows that warm colours such as yellow, orange and red dominate space and encourages conversation.

Yellow increases energy flow and inspires creativity and it’s also good for enhancing intelligence and mental agility. Not only that but yellow is considered a bright colour which is stimulating and can guide our emotions.

It is said that the colour yellow has the power to boost one’s ego, optimism, morale and creativity level. 

Orange, however, is thought to make you feel younger and more vibrant! 

According to Innovation-Creativity, colours that spark one’s creativity can also be personal based on the individual’s preferences and life experiences. Some colours may place you in a more creative mood than others.

So, when thinking about using colour to inspire creativity, consider various colours in turn and think about how those colours make you feel. What thoughts, memories and experiences do the colours trigger? Do they elicit a positive emotional response?

Colour choice plays a strong role in creating ambiance. It has the ability to give any space a high-energy vibe or a calm relaxed atmosphere. 

Whether it’s being used in a meeting space, workspace or home, colour has the power to motivate and empower ourselves.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat