Thank You Malaysia For Making Astro Radio No.1

Astro Radio is thanking all Malaysian listeners for their unwavering support in 2023 across all stations and vernacular with its latest campaign “This Is Your Radio” (Ini Radio Anda).

thank you malaysia for making astro radio no.1

“This campaign marks our year-long achievements that we have attained with the support of our listeners. We are number one because of our listeners, we wouldn’t be here without them,” said Head of Content Astro Radio, Priya Dharshini. 

According to the recent Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAM) Wave 2, 2023, conducted by GfK Research, Astro Radio continues to be the No. 1 local radio with approximately 16.0 million weekly listeners, citing its engaging and entertaining programming as the main reason for the loyalty of listeners.

Strengthening Astro Radio’s leadership as the radio operator with the highest number of listeners in Malaysia, Astro Radio boasts of 18.7 million average digital radio streams, 32.1 million social media followers, 334.6 million video views, and 334.8 million monthly average Facebook post impressions.


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Astro Radio retains its number one position for 8 years (GfK Research from 2016 onwards) across all languages: ERA, the No. 1 Malay brand; HITZ FM, the No. 1 English brand; MY, the No. 1 Chinese brand; and RAAGA, the No. 1 Tamil brand. Astro Radio Malay brands recorded 5.44 million listeners, English brands achieving 2.53 million listeners, while Chinese brands amassed 2.39 million listeners and the Tamil radio brand attained 1.6 million listeners.

Astro Radio hopes to provide an experience like no other throughout out the campaign, which begins in December. All four stations, HITZ FM, ERA, MY, and RAAGA will be running a month-long of activities and contests, which involve the listeners via on-air shows. These include: 

HITZ Thank You, Next!

Win a chunk of RM10,000 just by being our #1 fan!

Be the first caller through after the cue to call, answer a question about HITZ and win the cash prize allocated in that hour! The #1 Fan who is taking over the shift wins the same amount too!

HITZ All I Want For Christmas Is... 

Win the prizes under Hitz FM Christmas Tree! Be the first caller through after the cue to call, choose between 2 presents to find out the prize! Prizes include Nintendo Switch, PS5, iPhone, AirPods, JD Sports vouchers and more.


Redeem RM100 with ERA! Register on ERA’s website by including your best crafted slogan. Lucky listeners will receive a call from us, all you need to say; “ERA NO 1”.

ERA: Carta No Syatuuuu! 

Starting 1 January 2024, ERA will only play songs that have made it to No. 1 in Carta ERA.

MY Plays the Number 1 Hits

MY will play No.1 songs including songs in Chinese, Korean and English for fans and listeners. 

Christmas Gifts Exchange with MY Announcers

MY announcers will be engaging the fans to watch the FB Live as well as inviting lucky fans to exchange a Christmas Gift with them. All 15 MY announcers will vote the luckiest fan to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Join MY Announcer to On-Air

Young listeners can enjoy an exclusive experience by joining MY announcers on air for two hours. 

RAAGA Thank you Campaign!

Be the first caller through and tell RAAGA “Why you love listening to RAAGA” and answer a simple question about RAAGA. Fans stand a chance to win RM200 cash prize!