Sungei Wang Plaza Brings You A “Christmas Wangderland”

Something extraordinary is in Sungei Wang Plaza for Christmas this year! 

sungei wang plaza brings you a “christmas wangderland”

Inspired by the spirit of Christmas, Magical Polar Bears, and Circus themed decorations, the mall welcomes you to celebrate a ‘Christmas Wangderland at Sungei Wang Plaza’ from now until the 3rd of January 2021.

This Christmas, Sungei Wang Plaza has transformed its Centre Court into a Magical Circus that revolves around the joyous mood of Christmas. 

Catch the glimpse of Polar Bears performing circus tricks in a magical giant circus tent. There are also plenty of photo opportunity locations to take pictures of the stunning decorated Christmas tree, and to be up close and personal with their Polar Bears at the concourse level! 

sungei wang plaza brings you a “christmas wangderland”

Not to forget, while you’re there at Sungei Wang Plaza, be sure to take a selfie or two with their Christmas Wangderland Carousel at the Center Court, too!

“Everyone loves Christmas and everyone loves the year-end holidays and with that said, we have continued our setup of Christmas Wangderland although there were tweaks we had to make along the way but, we are still very determined to bring out the best in our magnificent Christmas decorations,” said Mr. Joseph Teo, Centre Manager of Sungei Wang Plaza.

Every corner of the Christmas decorations at Sungei Wang Plaza serves as a fantastic photo opportunity for shoppers. A circus arch is decked at the main entrance facing Jalan Tun Ismail to welcome shoppers into it magical “Christmas Wangderland”!

sungei wang plaza brings you a “christmas wangderland”

A merry go round at the Centre Court perfects the overall ambience of Sungei Wang Plaza’s magical Christmas experience. 

We are sure that shoppers are bound to capture many memorable and Instagram-worthy photos! 

What are you waiting for, celebrate this year’s Christmas with your friends and family at Sungei Wang Plaza. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat