Don’t Worry, The Sugar Tax Will Not Affect Bubble Tea!

don’t worry, the sugar tax will not affect bubble tea!Main image via Vice

The sugar tax has officially been implemented since yesterday, but there’s a lot of concern about which drinks are going to be affected. And with our regular sessions at bubble tea outlets, we were starting to get a bit worried that they were going to get more expensive.


But not to worry! There will only be a tax for packaged drinks like soft drinks and juices. A 40 sen tax per litre would be imposed on soft drinks with more than five grams of sugar or even sugar-based sweetener per 100ml. For juice or vegetable-based drinks, there will also be a 40 sen tax per litre, but for drinks with more than 12 grams of sugar per 100ml.

Maybe it’s time to make our own juice?


Thank goodness it hasn’t affected bubble tea yet, but should we worry about how much sugar is actually in one of those delicious drinks?

According to ChannelNewsAsia, a 500ml cup of brown sugar boba milk can contain about 92g of sugar, about three times more than the amount of sugar in a 320ml can of Coca-Cola.


Yikes! All good things in moderation, people! Maybe you could skip the brown sugar boba and opt for the regular milk tea boba with no sugar the next time. 

How do you feel about the sugar tax?