Study Finds That Belly Fat Is More Dangerous Than Being Overweight

We’re not making this up, it’s from actual research!

Apparently, in older women, it’s not the excess weight that is dangerous; it’s where those extra pounds collect that can shorten one’s life.

According to CBS News, a new study shows that central obesity (or having belly fat) increases the risk of various degenerative diseases which can result from an imbalance in blood pressure, insulin secretion and levels of cholesterol.

study finds that belly fat is more dangerous than being overweightPhoto via Bowtie

In case you didn’t know, central obesity is different from obesity. 

Obesity is a condition of excess fat accumulation in the body of a person that is not balanced by their height, whereas central obesity is the accumulation of fat around the abdominal region, known as the distended belly. 

Which means, overweight people does not necessarily mean that they have central obesity. 

Individuals with fat accumulated around the abdomen have a higher risk of death compared to individuals with obesity and we’re not making this up. It is actually supported by recent research.

A study by Boggsyang showed that women with an accumulation of fat around the abdomen suffered increased risk of premature death, even if they were not obese.

It also increases erectile dysfunction and cancer! 

Accumulation of fat in the body close to our vital organs can lead to damage due to inflammation. As a result, individuals become more at risk of chronic diseases. 

study finds that belly fat is more dangerous than being overweightPhoto via Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

The research concluded that central obesity or accumulation of fat around the abdomen area is more dangerous than obesity in general, and can lead to a quicker death.

Above all, exercise is the most effective way to lose belly fat and also a great way to relieve stress!

The more we know, huh?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat