Study Finds Most Malaysians Adhere To Govt’s 3Ws And 3Cs Ruling

study finds most malaysians adhere to govt’s 3ws and 3cs ruling

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Malaysia continues to post new daily COVID-19 cases in the high hundreds, and the numbers don’t seem to be coming down anytime soon.

Yet, even with the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in some states, Malaysians in these areas are still out and about.

But you’ll be glad to know that a vast majority of these Malaysians ARE following SOPs put in place, while also practising the 3Ws (Wear, Wash, Warn) and avoiding the 3Cs (Crowded Places, Confined Places, Close Conversations) concept, introduced by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19.

A recent survey conducted by UCSI Poll Research Centre involving 1,166 respondents showed some relieving results…

According to the centre, for those who follow the 3Ws concept, 98.3% wear their face masks, 95.2% wash and sanitise their hands, and 90.3% comply with the advice from the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Unfortunately, there were 9.7% of respondents who acknowledged that they never or rarely follow the orders (physical distancing, disinfection, avoid coughing or sneezing in public areas, stay at home, seek medical help if unhealthy).

With regards to the 3Cs, most respondents would rather not spend time outside:

  • 86.6% frequently and repeatedly avoid going to crowded places.
  • 82.5% frequently and repeatedly avoid going to confined places.
  • 80% of them occasionally and repeatedly avoid having close conversations.

Most of the respondents also avoid visiting high-risk places, especially open markets (66.8%), leisure venues (64.3%), restaurants or eateries (58.4%), grocery stores (53%), sports centres (46.7%) and services (43.3%).

Interestingly, here are some additional findings from the survey that show positive results:

  • 57.5% stated that it is their responsibility to flatten the curve.
  • 40% chose to comply with the SOPs due to the penalty imposed by the government.
  • 60.8% agreed that the lack of self-discipline among Malaysians in complying with the SOPs has contributed to the rising number of cases since the last few weeks which has reached four digits.

While the results from this survey provide some form of relief, it’s important that everyone takes the initiative to follow coronavirus SOPs.

We are all frontliners now!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob