Sleepyheads Wanted! The Only Job You Can Do with Your Eyes Closed

Sonno’s Sleep Executive will be required to sleep on the job from the comfort of their own bedroom for 100 nights and find out how better sleep can lead to a better life

Sonno, the online mattress company and advocate of good sleep made a splash last year with their Get Paid to Sleep Campaign. This year, they are back with an entire sleep set collection and a mission to find out how they can chase sleep troubles away for a happier, healthier life!

sleepyheads wanted! the only job you can do with your eyes closed

As a continuation of their Sonno Sapots You Campaign, Sonno, which started as an online mattress company and is now a sleep company with a range of products from pillows to bed sheets is looking for a Sleep Executive who would like to get paid to sleep for 100 days while discovering the secret to better sleep.

The sleep company aims to use these findings as input to refine their products with the ultimate goal of enhancing Malaysians' quality of life by giving them a better night’s sleep. This is vital in improving mental and physical health, and is especially important during these challenging times.

Fabio Miceli, the founder and CEO of Sonno says, “Pandemic-related stress has kept many people up at night. But it isn’t just chronic stress that’s impacting sleep cycles. People have also had to deal with inconsistent schedules, homeschooling kids, work loss, financial impacts, and elevated screen time - all of which can contribute to sleep deprivation. It can be a vicious cycle - with less sleep, people can get more stressed, which inherently leads to even less sleep and more problems."

In Malaysia in 2018, approximately 35% of the general population suffered from insomnia symptoms and 12.2% have chronic insomnia - and it has only gotten worse with the pandemic.

As a sleep advocate that understands how good sleep contributes to one’s mental and physical health, Sonno aims to promote a healthier and happier life among Malaysians through its second instalment of the Get Paid to Sleep campaign.

Applicants who are interested to participate in this campaign can apply for the position of a ‘Sleep Executive’ starting from 6th September 2021 until 19th September 2021. The successful applicant will be informed by 1st October 2021 and will be expected to fulfill their role for a duration of 100 nights.


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The successful hire will be given a remuneration of RM3,000 for the duration of the job and will be provided with a brand new Sonno Queen Original mattress, 2 pillows, a bed sheet set and a bolster which will be theirs to keep. The hire will then need to use a sleep tracker app to track their sleep for 100 nights from the comfort of their own bedroom.

“Our professional sleeper will need to tell us how the pandemic has been affecting their sleep and how we can help them sleep better. On top of documenting their sleep for 100 nights, we would like to see how Sonno can help our customers from both a sleep and mental health perspective during the pandemic,” Fabio adds.

Here’s how interested individuals can apply:

1)    Visit

2)    Fill in your details and let Sonno’s Dream Team know why you are the best professional sleeper in town.

3)    Sit back and relax as you wait for Sonno to contact you!

This sounds like the perfect job for us! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat