Share A Cup Of Coffee With Our Medical Frontliners

Our frontliners have been the nation’s hero for the past 5 months, and Malaysians are more than happy to show them how much they are appreciated!

In hopes of brightening our medical frontliners’ long and stressful shifts, a one-year-old startup thought of something special to help during the coronavirus pandemic: fresh coffee from self-service machines. 

These machines were delivered to the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang and Sungai Buloh Hospital, to provide fresh coffee for the frontliners for free.

On 14 April, the coffee machines were successfully put into operation and have served over 10,000 cups of fresh coffee for the frontliners, to date. These coffees are not only freshly brewed, but the machine is unmanned and works with no human-to-human contact. 

The “Coffee ATM” is so easy to use, all they have to do is select a drink on the touchscreen panel, a sequence of steps runs entirely automatically, from cup selection to coffee brewing to dispensing. 

This process without human intervention or touching, guarantees health and safety, observing social distancing as opposed to traditional barista machines.

It started after being transformed into a quarantine and treatment centre for 600 patients, MAEPS as a caring host for wanting to do extra and showing a small act of kindness to our frontliners - they have met incredibly generous small businesses who have made their dreams a reality.

share a cup of coffee with our medical frontliners

share a cup of coffee with our medical frontlinersPhoto via Coffee Star Malaysia

“Our frontliners who are courageously and selflessly serving the nation in the coronavirus crisis represent the best of who we are,” said MAEPS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Zaidi Shahrim. 

“We are honoured to support this initiative by partnering, Coffee Star, to provide the heroes in our communities fresh coffee to recharge.”

“We are immensely grateful to our health care heroes for the dedication they demonstrate every day to help our city heal, and while no words or acts are sufficient to express the depth of our gratitude, we’d like to show them our thanks through this small act of kindness,” he added.

share a cup of coffee with our medical frontliners

share a cup of coffee with our medical frontlinersPhoto via Coffee Star Malaysia

Our frontliners have been working around the clock in the most challenging circumstances, sacrificing their family time during Ramadan and Hari Raya for the greater good to keep our communities safe. A cup of coffee is not only a useful and refreshing drink for medical staff, but also lends a sense of spiritual warmth. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Kuldip Kaur A/P Prem Singh, Director of Sungai Buloh Hospital said: “The fresh coffee donation will be a welcomed relief for the hundreds of medical staff in our hospital enduring long hours under challenging circumstances. We are in uncharted territory, we are so thankful for this kind of compassion and caring initiative, it has never been more welcome.”

The frontliners have been battling harder than ever before to keep us safe at home, this initiative will indicate how much we appreciate them, by making their shifts a little brighter. 

Truly the nation’s heroes! Thank you to all frontliners, for everything that you do! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat