Running? Swimming? Here Are The Health Benefits Of Cardio Exercise

Whether you enjoy running, swimming or cycling… These fun and relaxing cardio exercises have many benefits to your health.

Here are a few great reasons for you to start doing cardio, according to Top Fitness.

running? swimming? here are the health benefits of cardio exercisePhoto via Sundried

#1 Great for weight loss

One of the main reasons why people do cardio exercise is because it can help you lose weight. 

Cardio is a great exercise for those looking to slim down because it helps you burn fat and lose calories. While diet is more instrumental in weight loss, you will want to work cardio into your routine to further advance your goal to shed a few pounds!

Surprisingly, cardio can burn hundreds of calories in a session. 

#2 Strengthens your heart

Cardiovascular relates to the heart and blood cells, so when you perform a cardio exercise such as running or biking, you are also unconsciously helping to strengthen your heart.

This is because cardio exercise makes your heart rate accelerate and properly pump blood! As a result, this strengthens your heart, which is arguably one of the most important organs in your body.

#3 Reduces the risk of several diseases

Cardio also helps reduce the risk of several deadly diseases. 

This is one way you can reduce the risk of heart attacks and disease along with their underlying causes such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Many people suffer from diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and fitting in time for physical activity like cardio can also help to prevent these diseases. 

#4 Improves lung capacity

Many people shy away from cardio because it can be tough to breathe as you perform the exercise. But did you know the heavy breathing you’re experiencing is actually improving your lungs?

Cardio can increase your lung capacity as you push your breathing ability to the limit during a tedious workout. So keep going! 

#5 Great for mental health

Since cardio exercise releases endorphins, another benefit is that it simply makes you feel good afterwards! 

Cardio is a healthy way to combat mental health issues like depression, anxiety or stress. Many people have coined the feeling one experiences after physical conditioning as a “runner's high”. Aside from the endorphins, as you are doing cardio, you are also challenging yourself mentally. 

Adding 20 minutes of cardio to your daily routine three to five days a week comes with all these incredible health benefits.

Also, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can add in plenty of variation so your workouts won’t feel so overwhelming.

So, keep going!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat