Rexona Unveils Landmark Collaboration with K-Pop Group G(I)-DLE!

Rexona, a leading personal care brand, has embarked on an innovative collaboration with the K-pop powerhouse (G)I-DLE. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant stride for Rexona, as it merges product innovation with cultural resonance.

rexona unveils landmark collaboration with k-pop group g(i)-dle!

(G)I-DLE, renowned for their boundary-pushing music and determination, perfectly aligns with Rexona's ethos of confidence and movement. With a dedicated fan base of over 12 million and recent accolades like topping the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, (G)I-DLE embodies resilience and innovation.

According to Victor Hugo Jr., Rexona Global Brand Director & Market Development Lead for Deodorants Asia, this collaboration transcends mere endorsement. It signifies a synergy of values, where both entities strive to push boundaries and inspire confidence. As (G)I-DLE breaks barriers in music, Rexona aims to do the same in personal care, ensuring everyone feels fresh, confident, and unstoppable.

Their collaboration introduces the Vitamin+Bright deodorant range, a testament to Rexona's commitment to empowering individuals. This innovative formula, infused with potent antioxidant vitamins, brightens underarm skin and offers long-lasting protection. With options like Roll-on and Aerosols, the range caters to diverse needs and occasions.

The partnership also launches the #GLOWFORIT Movement, aimed at fostering genuine connections with consumers. The movement kicks off with an energetic pop-up event at The Starhill Kuala Lumpur, featuring exciting activities and chances to win exclusive (G)I-DLE merchandise.

As Rexona and (G)I-DLE chart this exhilarating journey together, they aim to champion confidence, movement, and breaking limits every step of the way. Join them on this invigorating journey, and let's all #GLOWFORIT!