Rent A Boyfriend/Girlfriend This Chinese New Year!

It’s the festive season, and we all know what’s coming…

“Ah girl, where’s your boyfriend ah?” 

“ Ah boy, how come no girlfriend yet?

“When are we going to have grandkids?”

rent a boyfriend this chinese new year!Photo: RentSmart Asia

Well, worry no more! RentSmart Asia is kicking off their Chinese New Year campaign with Rent-A-Buddy, to save us from yet another year of questioning from our nosy parents and aunties.

Rent-A-Buddy is a hassle-free service that will essentially allow you to ‘rent’ your boyfriend or girlfriend with ‘no strings attached’. Originating from Japan, a rental boyfriend or girlfriend is a substitute for a real lover that you can take on dates, introduced to your parents, all of which are purely platonic and professional.  Clear boundaries are set, and the purpose is only to reduce parental pressure on marriage and/or provide platonic companionship. Just look at how happy your parents would be! 

rent a boyfriend this chinese new year!Photo: RentSmart Asia

To subscribe to Rent-A-Buddy, log on to and select your buddy. Upon confirmation, the platform will allow you to chat to further get to know your buddy and even make plans. Besides the rental fee, the renter will also need to bear the cost of their rented buddy's travel and meal expenses during the ‘rental’ period.

rent a boyfriend this chinese new year!

Photo: RentSmart Asia

Rent-A-Buddy is part of RentSmart Asia’s Chinese New Year campaign which will run until 8 February. With Rent-A-Buddy, you not only pay for companionship (or in other case, your parents to get off your back) but will also be donating to a good cause as all proceeds from the Rent-A-Buddy will go to Zero Waste Malaysia, a nonprofit organization aimed at educating the public the community on how to generate less waste.

So what are you waiting for? Rent your boyfriend/girlfriend today! 

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya