Placing People First: A Wholesome Roundup Of 2020 With TikTok!

The year 2020 was to most, a year filled with social challenges, economic uncertainty, and staggered movements...

placing people first: a wholesome roundup of 2020 with tiktok!

But throughout all these, TikTok chose to remain positive in order to keep spirits up and to prepare for a hopeful new year. 

Here’s a good mix of fun yet vital announcements that TikTok just made to round up the year!

Year On TikTok

Wrapping up the year is a first of its kind in-app experience, with TikTok bringing each user down memory lane through their #YearOnTikTok, an interactive experience that’s exclusive to the individual’s favourites on the platform. 


Inspiring creativity, bringing joy. It starts with You, starts on TikTok. ##ItStartsOnTikTok ##tiktokmalaysia ##ISOTT ##iloveTikTok

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While having fun is the name of the game, TikTok works tirelessly to ensure that the platform remains positive and safe. Wrapping up the year with a tri-factor of updates highlights this commitment.

COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Blog

TikTok’s safety team came up with initiatives during the pandemic to fight misinformation via in-app banners and pages with source-verified information. 

placing people first: a wholesome roundup of 2020 with tiktok!

Updated Community Guidelines

As always, TikTok wants a positive environment for the community to creatively express the subjects that matter most to them – and to that end, TikTok ensured this promise is kept by continuously updating its Community Guidelines to uphold the user’s digital wellbeing. 

Check out what’s new this December!

Privacy and Security on Safety Center

TikTok started a dedicated Safety Center this year to simultaneously channel their effort into protecting each individual’s connections, content, and account; with plenty of resources that address the user’s Privacy and Security as well. 

Safety updates are regularly compiled here (hyperlink:, with a new set of comprehensive updates to round up 2020 rolling out on 29 December, so keep your eyes peeled!

TikTok Trendsetter Awards

But wait, that’s not all! TikTok Trendsetter Awards contest was introduced to agencies and professionals across Southeast Asia with the goal of solving real-world marketing challenges through clever use of the app. 


Sparking trends, starts on TikTok ##ItStartsOnTikTok ##tiktokmalaysia ##ISOTT ##iloveTikTok

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In the spirit of giving, TikTok is extending the Trendsetter Awards submission deadline to 15th January 2021!

Despite all that was 2020, the heart and creativity of the TikTok community continued to shine bright as the home to happy laughs and good vibes. 

Underscored by TikTok’s robust commitment to trust and safety, we can look forward to a safe, positive, and hopeful 2021!

We can’t wait to see what next year will bring. Don’t forget to follow us on TikTok: @syoksyoksyok!


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By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat